If you are an organization looking for a unique approach, delivering projects of the highest quality, Tierdon Glass is the company for you!
Tierdon Glass

Tierdon offers a unique approach to all your glazing needs.

We're a company with a solid history in the industry. We provide our customers with a highly skilled team of glazing specialists. Many of our glazing experts have been working in the industry for more than 25 years.

Unlike our competitors, we don't wait to provide our advice until your project is nearly done. We get involved when it can make a difference for you and your client.

From the early stages of concept design, we can be involved, working with builders and archtiects to ensure that the glazing products used, work to deliver a quality outcome.

Our involvement in your project can help to ensure the most effective use of glazing products, and enhance the building's energy efficiency and overall visual appeal.

It's an approach like no other – delivering projects of the highest quality.