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We have a highly skilled employee team that will provide you with quality workmanship and exceptional service. As an organization, we are committed to ensuring superior workmanship and satisfied customers on all of our projects.

About Us

Tierdon Glass the Glazing Solutions company.

We're a mid sized company that focuses on providing superior services to our customers. Because of our size we are nimble enough to offer our clients direct access to our senior buyers an analysts.

Our focus is primarily on large commercial developments, but we have also assisted with specialized residential projects and heritage glazing restoration.
With over fifteen years in the industry, we provide much more than glass. We use our significant product knowledge and experience to assist our clients in finding and selecting just the right product, for each and every project.
With hundreds of significant buildings and projects to our name, our glazing solutions expertise speaks for itself.
If you are an organization looking for glazing expertise, products, installations and superior service, Tierdon Glass is the company for you!